FREE2EX - reliable
and legal partner
for your business
Thanks to the modern technological platform
and the status of a legal exchange,
we have something to offer business clients to partners
Reliable partner
FREE2EX wants the cryptocurrency market to develop and penetrate deeper into the global economy.

Therefore, we have created a legal crypto exchange. And now we want to find partners as passionate about the crypto business as we are.
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Crypto exchangers
Crypto businesses
Crypto Funds
Crypto wallets
PI/ EMI-providers
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Our clients and partners
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Due to the status of a legal exchange, all the doors in the world of finance are open for us. At the same time, we have an additional responsibility to our customers.
Reduced overall costs
on transactions through the use of legal and cheaper financial channels
Personal approach
to onboarding and verification, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus
Personal management
of each transaction and any cooperation process by a personal manager
Convenient financial logistics
due to the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds through a wide network of servicing banks
Consulting services
technical, financial and legal advice from the FREE2EX team of experts
technological integration via the API to automate the partner's business processes
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We offer integration of services into your business
using the API of our platform
Accepting fiat funds; onboarding and customer verification
Getting up-to-date data on quotes and trades
Access to online currency exchange services for your clients
Performing transactions both on behalf of the company and on behalf of clients
Conversion of fiat funds to cryptocurrencies and withdrawal to wallets
Settlement operations
The implementation of payment transactions in fiat and cryptocurrencies
Integrate the exchange
into your business

Discussion of the concept of cooperation and individual working conditions
Collaboration roadmap
Personal support of onboarding on the exchange
Trial transactions and testing of all parameters
API integration
and individual support for all operations
SMM about us
Risk disclosure information
1. Activities related to transactions (operations) with tokens are associated with a high level of risk of complete loss of funds and other objects of civil rights (investments) transferred in exchange for tokens (including as a result of volatility in the cost of tokens; technical failures (errors); illegal actions, including theft).
2. Remember that tokens are not means of payment and are not secured by the state.
3. Legal regulation of transactions with tokens does not have a uniform approach and the consequences of such transactions may have different legal assessments in different states.
4. The technologies used (including the blockchain technology, other distributed information system and similar technologies) do not exclude the risks of technical failures and errors in operation.